Get Help NOW Using the Sinclair Method & Naltrexone provides the treatment protocol used in the Sinclair Method and has been developed as an information resource to allow you and your family greater participation and control in your treatment of excessive alcohol use, abuse, or dependency.

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The Cure for Opiate and Pain Medication Addiction

This treatment protocol and workbook has been developed as an information resource to allow you and your family greater participation and control in your treatment of opiate dependency

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What to do if your doctor will not prescribe Naltrexone

I have written a letter for your physician which details exactly what the treatment protocols are, what medications are used, and what strength, dosage, and what the expected outcome should be.

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The Cure for Alcoholism Workbook

The companion book for “The Cure for Alcoholism”.

Complete medication management and treatment protocol that allows you to work with your physician in your hometown to reduce or eliminate your alcohol use.

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Our Approach to Drug Abuse Treatment:


We are a medically based outpatient drug treatment center.  Our goal is to detox you safely without pain and then support you through self-directed maintenance.  Treatment consists of 3 phases: (1) induction (2) stabilization, and (3) maintenance.  There are a variety of ways to complete phases 1 and 2 depending on the drug of abuse.


Induction is the first stage of treatment and involves helping patients begin the process of switching from the abused drug (agonists) to a partial agonist FDA approved drug. The goal of the induction phase is to find the minimum dose at which the patient discontinues or markedly diminishes craving and use of the drug of abuse.


The stabilization phase has begun when a patient is experiencing no withdrawal symptoms and no longer has uncontrollable cravings. Frequent contact with the patient increase the likelihood of compliance.


The longest period is the maintenance phase. Attention is focused on the psychosocial and family issues that have been identified during the course of treatment as contributing to a patient’s addiction.


Initial appointment is $475 for assessment, counseling and physician office visit for prescriptions, follow-ups are $175 for counseling and prescriptions (typically twice a month).


If you live in the southwest Florida area from Tampa to Naples, and would like to schedule an appointment to see our doctor and therapist, please call




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